• How do you build a strategy to tackle the federal market?

    Alliance Solutions can help you quickly establish trust with government purchasers.

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Doing business with the government is different from working with commercial customers.

You may be able to win government contracts through standard commercial market approaches, but at some point, growth will plateau. Without working through the best integrators, you can’t realize optimum sales. You need partnerships that can be established quickly.

Alliance Solutions works with direct and indirect sales teams to quickly establish relationships based upon an opportunity. Our success has been working with organizations to find, accelerate, and close enterprise oriented sales.

Being a member of the vendor community, you have difference business drivers than the government and federal integrators. We share market intelligence and proven tactics to aid in your success. Working closely with your sales teams, we help you to bridge the gap between the government and integrators quickly.

There are three essential characteristics about the government market.

Alliance Solutions specializes in developing strong partnerships with our clients. We assist with winning new business, shortening sales cycles, and providing tactical market intelligence. We help you quickly establish trust with government purchasing agents and integrators, even if your competitor is better established within the federal government.

Our decades of experience and relationships benefit our clients as together, we build a strategy to tackle the federal market.


    Unlike in the private sector, there is little upside for the government to take risks. If the approach taken doesn’t succeed, the downside is considerable.


    Each department in each agency has different missions and operational functions. They operate on unique business drivers and interpersonal politics.


    Technology projects are intricate and programs are becoming more complex. The vendor community adds value for portions of the solution implementation, while the integrator manages the program’s success. In today’s highly complex market, the government customer looks for proven past federal experience and organizations they can trust. Your success in this market is based on your ability to get in front of the right decision makers and convincing them that your offering will add value to their program.

Closing the Gap

Our goal with every client is to be a trusted advisor. Our past success has been our ability to integrate with vendor sales teams to effectively locate opportunities and accelerate sales cycles.

Alliance Solutions focuses on tactical implementation. Under Harold Youra’s direction, we work to quickly close the gap between vendor and the government. Under our guidance, we’ll help you secure new business, shorten the sales cycle, and raise your company’s profile to government purchasing agents.

We’ve spent twenty years developing good working relationships with the federal government. We have an intimate working knowledge of federal integrators. Our clients benefit from our relationships with integrators and the federal government. We help provide an understanding of agency funding priorities, integrator positioning, meeting with spheres of influence, and working throughout the sales process. Our marketing intelligence allows greater situational awareness and increased speed to market.